White Wines


Our Chardonel combines crisp pear & apple aromas with light oak to create an exquisite full bodied dry white wine with a steely finish.


With a rich floral nose, this fresh white wine delivers a hint of sweetness & a crisp, subtle finish with a carefully crafted blend of Seyval, Traminette, & Vignole grapes.

Sorelle Dolci

This popular sweet white wine has a bouquet of honeysuckle with hints of honeydew & a lush tropical finish by blending Symphony & Cayuga White grapes.

Red Wines


This full bodied dry red showcases the unique characteristics of Norton, the state grape of Missouri. A bouquet of violet & spicy earth tones with rich fruit flavors linger through a light tannin finish.


This diversely appealing red medium bodied wine, with fruity characteristics & a soft finish is suitable for an array of occasions. Casanova is a blend of Missouri Chambourcin, California Syrah & Missouri St. Vincent grapes.

Lucky Pierre

A tantalizing blend of Concord, St. Vincent & Missouri Chambourcin has aromas of raspberry and cherry which dazzles the palate at first taste.


Specialty wines

Naked Pink

Our semi sweet rosé consists of Catawaba grapes giving a refreshingly bold fruit flavor with a sweet finish.


Our fortified dessert wine offers heavy layers of dark berries and chocolate created by the Norton grape and Missouri brandy in this drink.