Site Rental

All wedding & reception rentals include:  Outdoor venue, indoor ballroom, salons for pre-wedding preparations, bar staff, tables, chairs, white/black tablecloths, and five rooms in our overnight inn accomodations.

Our rental rates are as follows:

May through October, Saturdays: $5,500 plus sales tax

May through October, Fridays & Sundays: $4,500 plus sales tax

November through April, Saturdays: $4,500 plus sales tax

November through April, Fridays & Sundays: $3,500 plus sales

Anytime of the year, Monday through Thursday: $3,500 plus sales tax.

Holiday dates have an additional $1,000 surcharge.


We have an Open Catering policy.  You are allowed to bring in any caterer of your choosing.  Caterers will be given an area to set up for the event

Alcohol Pricing

We want your wedding reception to be a success, so we have created a variety of beverage options to fit your style & budget. For your convenience, we have included in the cost of our wedding venue, the use of bartenders to serve your guests through the duration of the evening, regardless of which package your family selects. Listed below are the bar options for Belvoir receptions. On the following page we’ve detailed which beverages are normally stocked in our bar.  Please make all bar arrangements, including special order(s), with the event coordinators at least 30 days prior to the reception. Special orders must be paid in full 30 days prior to the reception.  With a purchase of every 12 bottles of wine, we offer a case discount of 10%.  

An automatic gratuity of 18% will apply to the bar tab if the Renter purchases alcoholic beverages from the Owner for guest consumption. The bar will end at 10:30p for October through April rentals, or 11:30p for May through September rentals. If you’re not sure which option is right for you just ask our staff in person, by winery phone: 816.200.1811 or by email: We would be happy to help!

Option 1.  Open Bar

Open bar options for those guests 21 years of age & older:

A.       Unlimited Draft Beer (Boulevard Wheat & Bud Light) & House Liquor Drinks, $15.00 per person.

B.       Unlimited Belvoir Wine & Beer, $19.00 per person.

C.       Unlimited Draft Beer, House Liquor Drinks & Belvoir Wine, $22.00 per person.

D.       Unlimited Draft Beer, Premium Liquor Drinks, Belvoir Wine, Premium Coffee Drinks, $30.00 per person.

With the open bar options A.–D. we require all other guests not participating in the open bar to have unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for $2.00 per person. For example, for 100 guests, 80 drinkers will have option B. for $22.00 p/p, and 20 non-drinkers will have non-alcoholic beverages for $2.00 p/p. Gratuity of 18% & taxes apply.  

Option 2. Combination Host Pay & Cash Bar

The host gives a fund to the bar & selects which beverages can be purchased using the fund. For example: the host has chosen to give Belvoir $1,000 for beer and wine beverages, not liquor drinks. When the funds draw to a close, the bar becomes a cash bar, in which guests pay for their drinks. Any amount of money can be allocated to the bar. Through the duration of the reception, funds may be added to the original tab amount. Gratuity of 18% & taxes apply.

Option 3. Drink Tickets

The host may create drink tickets for each guest. Drink tickets are brought to the bar, which are tabulated by Belvoir staff, and paid for by the host at the conclusion of the reception. On the ticket, please include which beverage(s) the ticket will license the guest at the bar. Gratuity of 18% applied upon payment.

Option 4. One Drink for each Guest

The host may provide one drink for each guest, at a specific time during the reception. Otherwise the bar is a cash bar in which guests purchase their own beverages. This option must be arranged in advance, and is commonly used for a celebratory toast using champagne or wine bottles. Gratuity of 18% & taxes apply.

Option 5. Cash Bar

Have guests pay for their beverages at the bar without cost to the host. All drinks that are available daily in the winery bar will be available. Taxes are applied per drink, paid by the guest.